Computational models of protein dynamics

Atomistic description of conformational changes in proteins from pico to millisecond timescales

Molecular simulations for ligand design

Virtual screens and de-novo ligand design via free energy calculations

Ensemble-based drug design

Rational ligand design by modulation of protein dynamics

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Research in the Michel lab is focussed on quantitative description of protein-ligand interactions. This is pursued through development of biomolecular simulation software and algorithms, and biophysical measurements to characterise the structure, dynamics and thermodynamics of protein-ligand interactions. 


Latest News

New year update

06 February 2024

New Year update It’s already February, meaning an update about the last few months is well overdue. Stephen Farr left us to relocate to Barcelona, where he is putting his...

Welcome to new group members

03 October 2023

W Welcome to new group members Chenfeng Zhang, Rory Portman and Jamie van de Grampel. Chenfeng joins us to pursue a PhD on the topic of protein allostery, Rory and...

Half year update

01 June 2023

A lot has happened lately and I have been too busy to share news about the lab activities. Here is a summary of all the good things that happened since...

New preprint on ABFE methodologies

23 January 2023

Congratulations to Finlay whose collaborative work with Graeme Robb (AstraZeneca) and Daniel Cole (Newcastle) is now available as a preprint on chemrxiv.  Finlay's work ''Comparison of Receptor-Ligand Restraint Schemes for...

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