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Computer-powered chemistry & Edinburgh Science Festival

19 April 2019
Computer-powered chemistry & Edinburgh Science Festival

Our virtual reality prototype for interactive molecular dynamics simulations was recently showcased at the Edinburgh Science Festival as part of the 'Computer-powered chemistry' animation. Thanks to the demonstrators that made...

Congratulations Pattama and Antonia

30 March 2019

Well done to Pattama Wapeesittipan and Antonia Mey for publishing the article ''Allosteric effects in cyclophilin mutants may be explained by changes in nano-microsecond time scale motions'' in Communications Chemistry. ...

Auguri Stefano

22 January 2019
Auguri Stefano

Congratulations to Stefano Bosisio who passed his PhD viva earlier this month. You will be missed Dr Bosisio !     

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